Political Media Strategy

Bill Clinton. Ronald Reagan. Ralph Nader. George Bush. Michael Dukakis. Jerry Brown.

These are just a few of the candidates that Impact political coaches and strategists have covered as working journalists. Our team has an extensive background in covering and coaching candidates to communicate clear messages for high-impact political events and media opportunities.

As working journalists, the Impact team has produced election night television coverage, produced and participated in candidate debates, and covered hundreds of candidates for office. Our political coaching and strategy team also has core competence in opposition research and campaign strategy.

Maximizing "free media" is critical to the success of any candidate for public office. Impact political coaches and strategists know the questions journalists ask during interviews, debates and news conferences. We build on this knowledge to craft the right responses that resonate with voters.

Impact’s Political Media Strategy team provides these services:

Media coaching Presentation coaching
Media strategy Opposition research
Debate preparation and coaching Teleprompter coaching
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