Executive Presentation Coaching

Speak at a trade show or forum, and your presentation is streamed to the world. Deliver an internal presentation, and it may be streamed to the entire organization. Conduct a videoconference, and there is a permanent record of your video meeting. Appear on television, and your appearance is available on demand.

Presentations and media interviews are for keeps. Why? We are in the age of broadband video. Any presentation or media appearance is available instantly and globally. Now even meeting video and audio can be captured, stored and searched by keyword.

Impact Video Communication coaches senior leaders to communicate effectively, think strategically, articulate a vision, and develop a leadership presence. During coaching sessions, we use the proven approach of video playback analysis for real-time feedback. Our programs can be part of a leadership development curriculum or succession plan. We also design programs to give executives the poise, confidence and clarity necessary for specific events including:

Keynote speeches Videoconferences
Boardroom presentations Industry events
Debates Sales presentations
Forums Product roll-outs
Webcasts Panel discussions
Trade show presentations Negotiations
Satellite broadcasts Meetings
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